Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is offered during the basketball season for the senior & Advanced age groups.
         Our Mentoring Program is a very important if not the most important part of the YEAA organization. The purpose for this program is to have positive, encouraging, verbal affirmation spoken into the lives of our student-athletes.  These sessions will include diverse speakers from different backgrounds and walks of life, coming to inspire and encourage our children about life, education, responsibility/accountability, making sound decisions and career paths.  The Yeadon Education Athletic Association would like the parents and their children to know that in addition to improving their basketball skills, we are also very concerned about their life choices and the direction of their future, adult lives.  The sessions will take place every Saturday during the basketball season at 9:30 a.m. at Bell Ave Gym (except on Picture Day &  All-Star Weekend/Family Day).  Each session will last about 25-30 minutes before the first scheduled game on each Saturday.  The last mentoring session of the year is our “Senior Day” where we will celebrate and recognize all of our High School seniors that are graduating this year!  This is a special day where all of the High School Seniors will be the guest speakers for this session. 
 The age groups that will participate are the seniors (12-14) and the Advanced (15-18).  The senior age group will be required to attend 2 sessions each month throughout the season (dates are listed on the schedule). If they would like; any senior age group player is more than welcome to attend the other sessions that are not scheduled for them. It is Mandatory for each Advanced player to attend every session. 
              We realize that other events or family events may have already been planned/scheduled in advance. Therefore, we are asking that you please communicate any scheduling conflicts that may arise with the scheduled mentoring sessions.  If for any reason a player is not able to make a session, it is the players’ responsibility to contact and inform his/her coach or myself in a timely manner that they are not going to make it on that specific day.  With all the technology today, communicating with one another should not be that difficult. As a result, any excuse for not making a mentoring session must be a legitimate excuse (going out of town with family, family emergency, school project/trip, etc…).  Also, if a player is running late, again it is the responsibility of that player to inform his/her coach and/or me as soon as possible.  If a player is late and has not contacted their coach, and does not have a legitimate reason, that individual will not play the first half of that scheduled game.  And if any player misses a session entirely without any communication to why, they will not be able to play in the game for that day.
Thank you for your partnership and cooperation.
To Serve the Youth,

Coach Leon Howard