February 05, 2018

Update & Recap Week 4

YEAA Family, Week 4 is in the books and now we're on to Week 5!!! In our Senior Age group, we had our first triple overtime game on Thursday between the Heat and the Lakers! What a great game with both teams playing all out until the last point was scored by the Heat.

EAGLES Theme Game Night/Day - Congrats to our beloved Philadelphia Eagles for winning Super Bowl 52 on Sunday!!! Thank you to everyone who supported the Birds by wear Eagles gear to the games on Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon. Check out the pictures posted on our Facebook page and all other Social Media outlets.

Joe Corbi Fundraiser Event - Thank you to all who participated in our annual fundraiser. We greatly appreciate the support. At our Awards Banquet in May, we will announce who the top seller was and they will receive a monetary prize. Please also check out our Online store where extra funds can be raised by each item purchased as well.

Uniform Code - For the most part all players are following the ALL BLACK SHORTS uniform code, but there have been a few who have not. Players and teams will start receiving Technical Fouls for being out of uniform. This is week #5 and everyone has been aware of this since the beginning of the season. (See attached Codes of Conduct & Agenda from the Parents Mtg as reminders)

Picture Day Saturday Feb 24 - Keep in mind that our Picture Day will be held the last Saturday of this month. Be on the look out for the time slot for each team/age group on that day. With a total of 24 teams, we are working on possibly splitting up the days for the Beginners & Juniors from the Seniors and Advanced. We will keep you posted.

Registration Fees - This is week 5, the mid point of our season and some of you have not paid anything towards your child's registration fee. I hate to sound like or even fell a bill collector but there are expenses that have to be taken care of when running a youth basketball league. Please reach out to me asap to discuss payment options and/or arrangements.

As always, any questions or concerns, please contact me. Let's make week 5 a great week of youth basketball!!!

To Serve the Youth,

Coach Leon

 YEAA Code of Conducts.pdf